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UK National Lottery Results

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It's probably Wednesday or Saturday evening and right now you are scouring the internet or clicking through Teletext looking for the most recent UK National Lottery results to see if you're in the money this week!

Well, unfortunately, we can't guarantee that you've scooped that jackpot prize, but we can let you know what the most recent winning UK National lottery numbers were! Those magical numbers are brought to you in near real-time and can usually be found here within a few minutes of the live draw!

Please note, that whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the results and other information displayed on these pages, the publishers cannot take any responsibility for any errors or omissions.

UK National Lottery results should be checked on a regular basis as, in general, prize winners only have 180 days to make their claims. Results and prize breakdowns for previous draws can also be found on this website.

The UK national lottery also other games in addition to their national draws. They are constantly looking for new and exciting games to entice players, in addition to the lottery draw games and euro millions, fans of the game can play lotto plus 5 and scratch cards. They offer a ton of different scratch cards available to purchase in store or you can visit dream bingo and scratch off a win right now with an instant win scratch card online.

Draw 1841, 2013-08-14 Prize breakdown for this draw Jackpot
Payout (€)
        No winner!
Draw 1834, 2013-07-20 Prize breakdown for this draw Jackpot
Payout (€)
        No winner!
Draw 1833, 2013-07-17 Prize breakdown for this draw Jackpot
Payout (€)
        No winner!
Draw 1535, 2010-09-08 Prize breakdown for this draw Jackpot
Payout (€)
        No winner!
Draw 1534, 2010-09-04 Prize breakdown for this draw Jackpot
Payout (€)
        No winner!

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